Data Warehouse Automation Tool

A data warehouse is the heart of a data-driven organization. Creating one is not easy or cheap. The ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process represents 80% of the effort. Xpert BI, a Microsoft SQL Server based tool, automates this process. Xpert BI encapsulates Industry best practices and minimizes or eliminates the need for ETL tools and coding.



Xpert BI from BI Builders is data warehouse automation (DWA) at its best. It enables developers to efficiently move any data source into what is called an idealization layer, from where data is transformed and integrated, and finally put it in a star schema. This is done amazingly fast and with a lot less resources. This means that with a tool like Xpert BI, you have the power to release not only your data, but you can release your people too, to actually dive into the waters of even more fun stuff.



“Idealization” is a BI Builders term to describe an understandable and intuitive relational database produced by Xpert BI based on any available relational data source.Idealizing a data source does not imply any changes to the data or its relational structure. The necessary metadata information (tables, columns, keys, & relationships) are imported into and/or defined in Xpert BI which then structures the data model into an idealized data model.